Top Capital Cities in Europe

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Top Capital Cities in Europe

You don’t have to travel far from home to visit a great city and have an enjoyable break. Whether it’s a long holiday or a short city fix why not take the time to visit some of these fabulous cities.


London is rich in culture and vibrant with life. It has something for everyone, from theatres and museums to world famous nightclubs and shopping districts. Not to mention the now more popular than ever Royal family - and the city is hosting the 2012 Olympic games, too.  The itinerary list for London would be as long as your arm if you wanted to cram everything in to a short weekend. The must see parts include Westminster, The Tower of London, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Soho and the fantastic free museums such as the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.


 If you don’t want to travel too far, Dublin is a lively and fun city which is only a stones-throw away. There are a number of low cost flights and cheap flights to choose from. A perfect getaway destination for those travelling with friends or family, Dublin has something for everyone.

The popular nightlife comes with a stretch of bars and nightclubs meaning that the nearest pint of Guinness is never too far.  The city is not just for the party crowd though; there are plenty of excellent museums and beautiful surrounding landscapes for long walks.


The Scottish city is rich with culture. Most popular during the world famous arts festival and firework- exploding New Year celebrations, Edinburgh is a wonderful city. Overlooking the sea with a backdrop of rocky hills, there is a fairy tale like essence hanging over the city.  The streets are winding and the buildings are perched high into the cliffs making it a magical place. See Mary King’s Close in the City Chambers which were originally built-in 1753. This marks a great historical monument and provides an insight into post medieval life. It also forms part of the Old Town where costumed characters give tours through a 16th century town house.