The Schonbrunn Palace main square

The Schonbrunn Palace main square, Vienna Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Vienna: The Schonbrunn Palace main square.
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photograph of The Schonbrunn Palace main square

The Schonbrunn Palace is one of Viennas most beautiful buildings. Here is where the Empress Maria Theresa lived with her 16 children and her husband Emperor Francis I. Years later this was the place chosen by Napoleon as his headquarters during his Austrian campaigns.

In 1744-1749 Nikolaus Pacassi created the present exterior, some yearsafter the completion of the Palace (1713). The palace has its origins in 1559, when Emperor Maximilian II who was looking for a hunting lodge purchased a mansion in the outskirts of the city.

Many events from the history of Austria have take place inside the Schonbrunn Palace, a six year old prodigy by the name of Mozart gave a concert in 1772. Maria Theresa held private conference with Prince Kaunitz, Napoleon met with his generals in the Vieux Laque Room, and in 1918 Emperor Charles I signed his abdication of the crown.

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Map of Vienna showing the location of The Schonbrunn Palace main square at Latitude 48.186046 / Longitude 16.31289.
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